Few more brushes

Here there …In this post i’ll be continuing about uses of few more brushes.


Angle brow brush- This brush is used for defining and highlighting your eyebrows.

Precise Eye liner-
 i love this brush because of its fine applicator. This brush allows you to create thin as well as thick lines. It is perfect for applying gel and liquid liners.

Eye liner– This brush is also used for applying eyeliners. It allows you to create thick lines because it is not precise as the  previous brush . You can also line your eyes using a cream eyeshadow.


Lip brush- It is used to apply lipstick from the bullet. While applying a dark shade i recommend using a lip brush. Just line your lips and fill in the lipstick using this brush.

Concealer brush– This brush is pointy and helps to hide the blemish and imperfection. This brush allows u to concentrate on a small and specific area without going all over. You can easily conceal the corner of your eyes , nose and other areas.


Lash comb / spooley – This is used to comb your lashes. It helps to remove clumps after applying mascara. You can use this to comb your eyebrows as well.

Eyebrow comb– This is used to comb and define eyebrows. It helps to give shape to the brows before filling them.


I hope these blog post were very useful for you all. Do share your views.


Some more brushes

Hey there everyone, today I’ll be continuing my previous post . I’ll be writing about some other brushes among my 24 pc brush set.


Short Eye shadow brush, Medium Eye shadow brush, large Eye shadow brush – All these three brushes are used for applying eyeshadow according to the coverage and area you want to cover. If u want to cover a large area then u should use the large eyeshadow brush. If your eyes are small then its better to use a short eyeshadow brush. And you can use all three brush together as well according to your makeup. These brushes are stiff so it help to pat the color without any fall outs.


Eye shadow brush-  This brush is soft and fluffy . This helps to remove the excess pigmentation on the eye gives an airy finish.

Fluff brush–    This is an eyemakeup brush. This brush is used for blending in two colours so that there is no harsh line visible. It helps to blend on a large area.

Eye contouring brush – This brush has a flat top which makes it perfect for contouring your eyes and make your eyes more defined. You can also use this to contour small areas like you nose.

Medium Angled shading brush.-   
 This has an angled shape which helps to create the V at the outer corner of your eyes.


Angle eye shadow brush-    This brush is not fluffly and dense like the Medium angled shading brush. It has a more sharp angle. This brush is perfect to create a wing with a powder/cream eyeshadow.

Smudge brush– This brush is used for smudging. After applying eyeshadow or kohl smudge your eyes with this brush to get the smokey look.

Sponge applicator-   This is a very common brush which i think is known to everyone. This sponge applicator help to pat the eyeshadow concentrating at a particular area.

Sponge Eye shadow–    This is a unique brush which is round at the top. This brush is used for highlighting the inner corners of your eyes.

24 piece makeup brush sets


Hello everyone Hope you all are doing well. Today’s post is something that is highly requested one . The post is only about makeup brushes and their uses. I’ve 24 piece makeup brush set from MAKE-UP FOR YOU. It has all the necessary brushes required for our eyes, face, lips etc.

Generally we see people using just 2/3 brushes while doing their makeup but each 24 brushes have their own separate uses. By using all these brushes it’s obvious that you will look even more prettier.I got this brush set through online shopping. The brushes comes inside a leather pouch. The bag is not made from pure leather but it gives classy looks like the original leather pouch. The pouch is travel friendly as it we can take it everywhere while travelling. Now comming to the quality- these brushes are very soft. I loved the quality as they are equally good like the high end ones are. They are not heavy and very easy to use. i use these alot as they make my makeup look air brushed and flawless.

Today I’ll be writing about only 6 brushes out of 24


Big fan brush : This brush is very useful but very neglected one. I use this brush  to dust pigment or any fall out on my face. After using eyeshadow there is a lot of fall out near the eyes and on the cheeks so i use this to dust them off. After applying my foundation I also use this brush in circular motion so that my foundation gets blended properly.

Powder brush–  This blush is very soft and fluffy and is used for applying any pressed or loose powder. This brush helps to set the powder and fix your foundation. It helps to mattify your face giving an airbrushed look.

Blush brush– This brush is a bit less fluffy and smaller than the powder brush. As its a bit small it gives more control and used for applying blush / bronze on different parts of your face.



Contour brush- This brush comes in an angular form and is  perfect for contouring face, neck, chin etc making your features more sharp.

Foundation brush- This is used for applying foundation. This brush gives a very even  finish. I would recommend using a brush rather than applying with fingers
because brushes give a more natural finish and gets blended properly.

Small fan brush- This brush is not dense like other brushes. It is mainly used for highlighting the highest points on your face like cheek bones , nose, forehead, highest points of your eyebrows and cupids bow.


Makeup Brush



A makeup brush is a tool with bristles. It can be found in various shapes and sizes. The main purpose of using these brushes is to blend the creams, foundation and other cosmetic products perfectly in our skin.

There is a large variety of shapes and sizes of make up brushes, depending on the face area where make up will be applied, the cosmetic product and the wanted result.

For example, the shape of the brush tip can be chiseled, straight, angular, round, flat or tapered.

Makeup brush can generally be used in our face, lips and eyes to enhance them with use of various cosmetics.

Generally there are two kind of bristl

Synthetic bristles

They are the most common material used in a makeup brush. They are widely found in drugstores and makeup specific stores. The bristles are made out of plastic, and are often dyed to get some color on the bristles. Synthetic bristles are often used with liquid and cream products, as they tend to blend out products more easily and will not absorb product as much compared to a natural bristle brush .Synthetic are cruelty-free. The bristles are usually made from synthetic fibers. The longevity of synthetic brushes are usually longer than natural haired bristles as they do not degrade or breakdown and are not as fragile

 Natural Bristles

Natural bristles are made from real hair as opposed to plastic. Many prefer to use natural bristles, since they could be less abrasive to the skin. Although natural bristles are more preferred in the cosmetic industry, the bristles themselves can cause allergic reactions because of the animal fur/hair. Natural bristles may be easier to control the product when blending out or even packing on a product. Natural bristles do have hair cuticles which is why it is easier for the brush to pick up more product and blending it out.


Foundation for oily skin type

If your complexion is prone to that 3 pm shine, opt for a matte foundation and avoid dewy formulas l’Oreal Paris infallible 24 hour matte is cream to powder liquid that works a treat for oily skin, it dries down to a flawlessly matte finish (without looking heavy or cakey). Plus it’s long wearing so won’t go patchy or disappear throughout the day winner.square-1467038854-l-039-or-eacute-al-paris-infallible-matte-foundation-1426156197

Top makeup artist of Nepal(Promise Tamang)

I recently have collected some details regarding top makeup artist of Nepal. Among which i got to know that PROMISE TAMANG is one of the top makeup artist not just leading in Nepal but also in other countries. She is a makeup guru in youtube. She can transform herself in different characters whether it is a comic art or famous singer/actor Zayn Malik. I think everyone must get inspired by her creativity because all she did was believe in herself. She didn’t take any makeup class or something like that. She is purely self taught person. An inspiration for all beginners.

Below you can find some of her transformations.


Lakme Curling Mascara


After wearing MAC mascara i thought  of trying something new to enhance the beauty of my eyes so i thought of wearing this lakme curling mascara.

New Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara is a Hindustan Unilever Ltd. product. It is a light-wear mascara for everyday use. It have smart curl brush with intense black finish.

It is the typical ‘Eyeconic’ packaging and I must say that it is quite impressive. Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara comes in a long chunky tube, which is glossy black in color with white and turquoise-blue letters on it. There is a black-turquoise blue cardboard packaging with a transparent plastic chamber to hold the mascara tube and help us take a glance at it from outside.

The tube has a unique asymmetric outline with a slightly curvy design. It is sleek and sturdy enough to carry in your purse without any worry. cator and its closely arranged bristles are just perfect for applying the mascara to the inne. On the other hand, the curled shape of the wand is intended for making the lashes a bit curlier. Overall, it is a very nice packaging and anyone will fall in love with it.